Emily J. Flies

Health ecologist. Spatial Scientist. Communicator.


Teaching Experience


Invertebrate Biology (BIOL 2045) at University of South Australia

          – Demonstrator and tutor, Mar-June 2015

Human Physiology 101 Tutorial (BIOL 1050) at University of South Australia

          – Demonstrator, Aug-Oct 2014

Human Physiology 100 Tutorial (BIOL 1049) at University of South Australia

– Demonstrator, Feb-Jun 2013, 2014

Fisheries and Wildlife Field Techniques Course (FW 238) at Michigan State University

          – Instructor , May 2009, 2010, 2012

Applications in Biological Science Laboratory (ISB 208L) at Michigan State University

– Teaching Assistant, Fall 2009-Spring 2012

Fundamentals of Fisheries and Wildlife Ecology and Management Laboratory (FW 101L) at Michigan State University

– Teaching Assistant, Fall 2010

Naturalist for YMCA of Greater New York

– 2005-2007

Naturalist for Buffalo Audubon Society

– Summer 2005

Comparative Primate Anatomy Laboratory section at University at Buffalo

– Teaching Assistant, 2005